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How To Make Money Flipping Websites

December 26th, 2010 | Posted in Flipping Websites, Make Money Online

Flipping WebsitesJust like flipping houses in real estate for profit, flipping domains and websites can be a lucrative way to make money online. It’s a simple process to buy a domain name and flip it for profit. Adding a website to the domain is a longer and more challenging process, but can be even more rewarding once the website is generating traffic and earning money.

In order to create a successful website first you have to find an online niche that is in demand. Especially in the areas of health, finance and relationships seem to offer the most success due to people looking for info or products in these niches usually are more impulsive buyers.

There are two ways to get started flipping websites. You can create one from scratch with minimal investment which includes selecting a domain name, finding affordable web hosting and then building a site. You will need to get traffic to the site by first getting it indexed by search engines and do some on site optimization as well as build backlinks to it. This though can take time in generating sufficient enough traffic. To earn from it you can place google adsense, sell advertising or add affiliate links promoting products from clickbank, amazon and other affiliate programs.

The second way to flip websites is easier but requires more investment and some research. You could just buy already established sites that get a reasonable amount of traffic and have the potential to improve further. By researching keywords first will be able to find ones that are popular and continually pulling in traffic.

After a few months of developing and building traffic to the site, and once is earning at least $1 per day, you can sell it. Depending on the amount of income and traffic, you could make anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand or more dollars just from flipping one website.

From there you will learn more and be able to flip more than one website just by rinsing and repeating the process. Each site though will take a few months of developing in order to make a sizeable profit. Eventually you could be flipping one or two websites a week.

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