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Making Money With AutoBlog Samurai Review

November 8th, 2010 | Posted in Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, Making Money Blogging, Making Money Online, Moneymaking Ideas, Online Marketing

Auto Blog SamuraiIf you are looking for an easier way to make money online, then you will have to invest a little because easy unfortunately does have a price tag along with it. But if you choose the right money making product, then the investment will have been well worth it. Many I have found who are starting out in affiliate marketing, or even seasoned internet marketers, want a method that is easy enough to set up and get you on your way to earning money. Automated blogging softwares have gained popularity because they are basically set on autopilot meaning less work involved. And who wouldn’t like less work and at the same time make good money.

One such blog creating software in high demand is AutoBlog Samurai. It’s basic concept is to automatically create niche blogs with unique content that are highly optimized to draw traffic to them…and most importantly earn you money through affiliate programs.

AutoBlog Samurai software was created by top internet marketer Paul Ponna who has had some other bestselling products such as Auction Acrobat, Magic List Bot, Disc Mojo and Miracle Traffic Bot. His main goal was to develop a system to easily create blogs in quantity, where each one could potentially earn $1 to $100 each day in as shortest amount of time as possible.

How the AutoBlog Samurai works is by first giving you comprehensive training on selecting a niche that is most profitable. The software then does the research, creates unique content and automatically posts it to your blog daily. The blogs are search engine optimized to receive targeted traffic. You will be able to quickly create a wordpress or blogger blog and don’t even need any experience.

The Auto Blog Samurai is very easy to use and is scalable, meaning you can manage a large number of niches with numerous blogs, all hands-free. One of the most powerful features the software has is that you can create blogs in different languages, say if you wanted to target different markets in other parts of the world as there are 21 languages supported. You don’t even need to know the foreign language as the software writes the content for you in that specified language. How much easier could it get.

Basically for all that AutoBlog Samurai includes, I would consider it to be worth the price which, once you start using it, should fairly quickly get your investment back and start making profit.

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Making Money With Domain Names

August 4th, 2009 | Posted in Domain Names, Making Money Online, Moneymaking Ideas

There are many ways to make money online and one lucrative way is by buying and selling domain names. With just a cost of a $10 registration fee some have made thousands, even millions, on just one domain alone. If it were so easy then no one would need their day job and could be instantly living in the lap of luxury.

Before you start out on this moneymaking venture and pick  just any name, remember the most valuable domain names are already taken. When selecting a domain name you have to consider its potential value. The best way is to analyze what the domain could be used for if someone were to build a website on it, the targeted buyer for it and would you yourself  buy it for more than the registration fee let alone pay a considerable sum for it.

Start on a small scale. For example a $50 investment. You can either register a few new domains or find ones for sale  that look promising and priced low enough. Sometimes there are domain sellers that are clearing out their portfolio or are in dire need of money which you could bargain with to get them cheaper. If you can make even $20 or $30 on each domain sale, then you are well on your way to making money with domain names. Once you get into the swing of things, you can get into the higher priced domains and make even bigger profit.

There are many places to buy and sell domain names like Sedo, GoDaddy Auctions, Snapnames, Aftermarket, NameJet, Moniker, as well as numerous webmaster forums. Especially in webmaster forums you can advertise for free and find some great deals.  Once you have acquired these domain names you will either have to park them with a domain parking service, which most are free,  or place a web page on it to help increase the value of the domain until you sell it.

Just like starting any online business, you have to do some research and look at the trends of what is being bought and sold plus findng the best places to market them. Always keep in mind that you want to buy low and sell high, and not get into the opposite trap where it could become a losing venture.

Many are successfully making money online with domain names and you can too.

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