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What You Should Know Before Blogging

June 27th, 2011 | Posted in Online Marketing

Running a blog is one thing, and running a profitable blog is something else. Irrespective of the niche you are in, there are certain things you need to do to ensure the success of your blog.A pleasant factor about Killer Content, is when many factors happen to be influenced.

Don’t Just Sell Ads: The first form of earning money most bloggers think about is earning through the selling and placing of ads; most bloggers think this is the best way to earn money but that’s wrong. The real truth is that selling ads might seem like the easiest way to earn money but it is absolutely not the only method for doing it. You can try selling products of your own as well as affiliate products through your blogging–both of which can bring in more money than ads. Unless you already have a popular blog (or until you make your blog popular) focusing on other revenue sources will work better than focusing only on advertising. Finding affiliate products and selling your own stuff isn’t that hard. Thinking creatively can help you figure out better ways than advertising to earn money through blogging. Learn the Techie Stuff: Today the Internet has grown to such an extent that it has become easy for anybody with even the basic technical skills to start a blog or create a website. So you should learn how to do things yourself instead of just hiring someone to do them for you. When you know the basic stuff you can help your blog progress a lot more quickly. When you learn even the most basic aspects of CSS, to use one example, you will be able to customize your theme all by yourself. Self reliance is good because you never know when having those tech skills will come in handy. If you start small and learn as you go, you’ll feel a lot better about things later on.A pleasant factor about The Commission League, is how many factors happen to be influenced.

Don’t Rely Solely on Social Media: Social media is the new trend and people have started to see it as a magic pill to online success. Social media sites are being bombarded by bloggers trying to establish followings, whether this brings them the results they want or not. Rather than waste time trying to keep up with them all, think about turning your focus to more profitable aspects of your blog, like creating more content. Social media does have its benefits, but only when you’re using the right tactics. For instance, instead of leveraging every small social media site, work with the large ones that actually matter. The tips that we discussed in the above article may seem simple, but they do make a difference in the long run towards the success of your blog.I’ve discovered these tips to be beneficial before choosing things such as Video Marketing Goldmine.

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Tips For Creating A Facebook App For Your Online Business

June 27th, 2011 | Posted in Online Marketing

Promoting your business using a Facebook app is not a passing fad but is a new online marketing trend that shows sticking power. The following tips can help you develop your own Facebook app.Facebook is in no way , a new type of marketing , but it is still very powerful and new launches like the Deadbeat Millionaire launch will be utilizing it.

Icons & Screenshots Must Sell Your App: If you want Facebook users to use your app, you have to first show them that it’s fun, interesting or exciting, and your screenshots must give them this feeling. Users aren’t familiar with your app, so you have to sell them on it with these images, which is why they’re so critical. You shouldn’t even think of making your app available until you can effectively promote it. A logo of your app isn’t enough, so make sure your screenshot displays what your app actually does. The users want to feel/see what the app will do for them before they take out the time to use it. You can outsource your app creation, so if you do not know how to program it is not any kind of problem. You will need to create your landing page for the app, plus do be sure to let people know how it works, etc. Avoid making an app so basic that people can get through it in five minutes – that will not do you any good. An app history of the users makes a difference and people will be more attracted to the app if it is there. This is all about engagement and being ultra sticky with your app, and so that will dictate the need for great content.You can use Facebook to promote new product launches such as Wealthy Affiliate.

What you do want to also do is setup tracking with your app so you know how many people are using it. This is simply a metric that you can use later on if the app becomes a hit. You can use a simple spreadsheet to track your progress and see to it that you’re only improving with time.

Because every feature you add to your app helps it stand out, you can’t afford to ignore even the smallest detail.If you’re just learning about Facebook and wish to observe how it can promote your business a prime example is Linkvana.

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