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May 31st, 2011 | Posted in Internet Marketing


Maybe you have followed the trend in business to build an internet site for your business you can use to supplement your marketing efforts.  If so, you have joined the momentum to develop a corresponding “place” on the internet that can be used to contact customers online.  The need for such an internet presence is entirely market driven.  Internet sales have soared, particularly in certain market segments and more and more, the first place people visit in order to learn about your business is the internet.  If they discover a well designed web site that is full of features, that works fast and draws them in, that is one tremendous tool for promoting your business.


When you create a marketing tool away from cyberspace, the very first concern is how will that new marketing effort get noticed.  So we’re drawn to places where there is already an engaged traffic of folks that would qualify as our customers.  That may mean setting up a billboard where it will be seen by people going to work.  That target market may be the best population to respond to your message.  Or in case your business appeals to youth, advertising on MTV or on popular radio stations is a natural place to put your marketing money since the traffic is already there.

We have to approach the web differently.   Yes, the visitors are already there but we must enter the world of cyberspace marketing having a different kind of strategy so we can get to the customers who’re traveling certain “internet roads” and make certain those roads lead to our web site. There is whole a cottage industry which has sprung up around the need for knowledgeable internet marketing gurus.  And, yes, it’s smart to use their talents to make sure the search engines put your internet site in front of the right type of client or customer.  These talented internet geeks can put your business web site directly into the flow of web surfers which means you get your fair share of that traffic.

Having said that, you don’t have to wait for the internet marketing experts to make your internet site more productive.   In the event the business has made the effort to get that web site up, you want to see it start to be worthwhile right away.  That is the reason why you should consider some creative ways to drive individuals to your internet site from the traditional markets thus educating your present customers, clients and partners about the site.  Ways to accomplish this include…

§ Promote the site at the retail level.  Some creative signage at your retail locations can establish some momentum and interest in customers to go visit your exciting new site.

§ Put the hyperlink on all correspondence.  If you have flyers, a magazine or another current means of communications, your URL should be listed there.  Add your URL to your email signature and on business cards as well as other kinds of communication so your community of clients, customers and partners get used to associating that web site with you as much as they are doing your business name.

§ Create excitement.  It is easy to operate a business contest from your retail sites that drives people to the web site for clues or to claim their winnings.  That kind of momentum can create huge surges of traffic through your web site with the corresponding surge of sales and leads.

The present day customer or client is used to seeing the promotion of a web site incorporated with other kinds of promotion and advertising.  You are not “assaulting” your customer base with this information. If anything, whenever your audience sees that the business has burst into the cyberspace world in a big way, they’ll be thrilled and as likely to respond with, “It’s about time.”.

You know how much you rely on the internet to keep you informed about areas of interest and about businesses you like to patronize.  So you can see that not only putting up a good web site but letting people know that it is there and that there are big things there for them to enjoy is doing them a favor as much as it is creating new marketing opportunities for your business.

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How To Get Your Site Indexed Quickly

May 17th, 2011 | Posted in Online Marketing

Many webmasters are faced with the challenge of growing their website and making sure their target audience gets to it one of the biggest challenges can be getting indexed by the search engines that make it all possible. While some will argue that it’s not necessary to get indexed by these search engines many will oppose this argument and struggle to get the attention of the search engines.

So what is the process for quickly getting indexed into search engines like Google so that you don’t have to wait weeks for results? Whether you intend to target a niche such as text marketing or any other niche, it’s important that you remember the following tips.

Before doing anything else, it’s essential that your website is effectively optimized for the search engines. Even basic SEO can make it easier to reach your goal and increases the chances of getting your site indexed. On page search engine optimization is nothing but having quality content with the right keywords weaved into it. Other SEO factors such as the title of your pages also need to be considered. Many new webmasters leave SEO for later because they think it is too complicated but the earlier you optimize your site, the better.

Second, your site may serve as a great resource for others if it offers targeted information to your audience and is highly useful in your niche. This gives you an opportunity to add your site’s link to Wikipedia. An entry into Wikipedia can speed up the process of getting your website indexed because it’s one of the most powerful authority sites today. It can take a few minutes to add your site’s link to Wikipedia but it has long term benefits, too, such as indirect traffic. Regardless of whether you intend to target a specific niche market like mobile marketing services or any other specialized niche, it’s essential that you remember the following tips.

Last, but not least, you need to take consistent action. Knowing all the tactics for getting your site indexed won’t help you if you never take action. In order to see fast results, you need to apply what you learn right away. The internet offers massive competition in every niche, so if you’re slow to take action and execute your ideas, someone else will beat you. On the whole, out of the above article we discover that in order to get your website indexed speedily, you will have to take speedy action and use what we’ve gone over here. The online world progresses seven times quicker than the offline world, which is why you should be really quick in those types of things if you have a yearning to do better than your rivalry.

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