Submissions As Being An Time Tested Seo Strategy

April 26th, 2011 | Posted in Internet Marketing

Ask any website owner or social media marketing and video marketing expert and they’ll have tried out their hand at submissions to optimize their websites positioning in search engines like Google. But what is the fuss about? Do submissions actually yield better search engine placement. Why don’t we try to dissect this issue.


I do not like automated submissions because they lead to spam, so let us talk about manual submission. There are primarily 2 types of manual submissions:


Manual Directory Submissions


On this kind of submission, you go ahead and fill up forms created by internet directories. A website directory is to internet sites as a phone directory is to phone numbers. Website directories can be free or paid. I have found that there are actually numerous free website directories and a few exceptionally excellent paid ones. In addition, although most website directories are generic, several are niche web directories — for instance, I have seen legal web directories, real estate property web directories, and health website directories. My experience is that manual directory submissions do not help in bringing up the search engine ranks of the websites greatly. But, they can definitely help search engines in understanding the theme of the site. This is mainly because your website is going to be listed in the directory on a page that is about tightly related websites.


Manual Article Submissions


The most targeted site traffic will come from article marketing, which means submitting articles to article directories-Banks. Although it is a timeworn term, it’s been verified many times given that numerous internet marketers depend their site promotion on article marketing. Writing and submitting articles can be an easy approach to market your site and affiliate programs. It is certainly one of the easiest things that nearly anybody can do and find results. Whenever you write articles and distribute them to article directories and ezines, you not simply get useful back links.


Quite naturally, I am a lover of manual article submissions. I say that as I’m making this informative article for exclusive distribution by article submission websites. That you’re reading through this article is testament to the fact that word does go out and you could gain popularity by submitting articles to article submission websites. However, there are a number of ifs and buts. To start with, the world of article sites is quite lopsided. For every single excellent article directory, there are a hundred junk websites. Make sure you do your research to make sure that you are not tied to the junk kind. Next, if possible, try to submit unique articles to different article websites. At least make sure they are a little different. The reason behind this is that search engines like Google have become very smart. They can see the identical article on various sites and in spite of some of the surrounding text being different; they are able to know that the article is a duplicate. Just what these search engines do is to relegate these duplicate webpages to a extra or lower priority list. Thus the links on these pages will also get much less benefit.


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Some Tips For EBook Writing

April 18th, 2011 | Posted in Internet Marketing

As the entire world is evolving, internet has become a way of mass communication these days and a means of marketing, like social media marketing and video marketing. The use of eBooks is gaining popularity and it has turned into a famous item, even popular then the print media. The New York Times reported that, In July 2010,, one of the nation’s largest booksellers, reported, sales of books for its e-reader, the Kindle, outnumbered product sales of hardcover books for the first time ever during the 2nd quarter of 2010. In that time, Amazon said, it sold 143 Kindle books for every 100 hardcover books, including hardcover’s for which there is absolutely no Kindle edition.


With the achievement of eBooks sale, Citigroup Analyst point that:


“That is dramatic evidence of how powerful the e-book is now. What the iPad and other book reading devices have done is just raise the overall e-book market-and Amazon is extremely well positioned to take advantage of it.”


These reports present enough proof on the ever increasing popularity for eBooks hence growing the demand for eBook writers. This chapter is therefore dedicated to give an understanding about eBooks, its advantages and ideas to improve eBook writing skills.


EBOOK – Definition


“An electronic book (eBook) is a text- and image-based publication in digital form produced on, published by, and readable on computers or other digital devices.” Initially eBooks were thought to be an electronic version of a printed book, however nowadays e-books can and do exist with no print equivalent. The contents of eBooks are read on laptop or computer or by using the hardware devices known as eBook readers.


Benefits of eBooks


EBooks are getting so popular today since it brings several positive aspects with it.


• EBooks are extremely accessible; you can easily look for your required text from any part of the planet by simply going on the internet, rather than going out in the market to purchase it.

• At the same time its availability is huge. As per one source there are more than two million books available for download as of August 2009.

• Moreover a number of other advantages of eBooks as compared to printed books, like easy storage, cost effectivity, fast distribution and being environment-friendly as eBooks production does not need paper and ink, are increasing their recognition.


Tips to improve eBook writing


• Select a subject and make outline:


Write what you like and what you know. Prefer a topic that you’re enthusiastic and knowledgeable about after which make an effort to formulate an outline. Make important points that you want to talk about in your eBook before you begin writing an eBook.


• Extensive Research:


To be able to offer good, useful and complete information to viewers you need to become yourself a reader. And also to support your text as well as your ideas, you must provide facts and this can be carried out by surfing online to get some other articles and websites that support your ideas.


• Make it limited yet informative:


Avoid producing longer eBooks because it is not often preferred by online readers. Online readers pretty much show sense of urgency about getting the information fast. Therefore avoid writing lengthy eBooks.


• Check and feedback:


Probably the most crucial and often neglected step during eBook compilation is proofreading. Always ask your friends, family, and co-workers to proofread your eBook. They may come up with genuine ideas and feedback that will enable you to correct any errors and mistakes in your eBook.


Even though an eBook is usually short by book standards, it’s still a complex piece of writing. In order to create a highly effective eBook, one must make use of the perfect methods, tools and also techniques that work best to write an impressive eBook.

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